Grahame Waghorn: Tug O Love

Der Automatist aus Kalifornien schreibt dazu: „This was the 2nd automaton I built. I got the idea for it when I saw one of our friends being yanked in opposite directions by their dogs. I spent weeks trying to figure out how to make a compact mechanism (cams made it way too tall) to move the figures 2 inches. I wasn’t aware of a bell crank at that time, so the best mechanism I could dream up was the double spiral I cut and carved out from 4 pieces of Baltic birch plywood which I’d glued together. All the other wood is cherry. My wife painted the figures and took covert photos of our friends and their dogs, so it was a team effort. The music is ‚We Were Younger Then‘. It’s a demo of a song I wrote and recorded a year ago.

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