Kevin Wright: Mechanische Szene (Restaurierung)

Kevin Wright, ein Automata-Experte und Restaurator aus Kentucky, hat diese Szene, mit vielen bewegten Bildbereichen nach einem Brandschaden restauriert, wobei der mechanische Teil noch unvollendet ist. Seine Schilderung der Details auf FB  und die Abbildung der. Rückseite lassen die Komplexität erahnen:

It would start with a bell ringing in the school. The kids would come out and walk to the church. A door would open and they would walk in. Down in the lower left were 2 monks drinking wine in the grotto. One would pour, while the other drank. There was a crystal rod that rotated simulating water. In the upper right, there was a man with a bow and arrow. There was a trail below him. People on horseback would come out from behind a rock and disappear on the other side. If the person on the horse was a female, he would raise his bow and not shoot. If it was a man, he would draw back and shoot. There was a knight in front of the castle that would walk back and forth, rotating to change directions. The big doors in front of the church would open and a variety of people would walk out. I think there were 7 different people and one skeleton. They all had their own actions, one would salute, one would bow, etc. The bells at the church would ring. There were a few more actions that I didn’t mention.

(Facebook Kevin Wright)

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