KugelbahnBlog starts TINKERING COMPETITION for chocolate vending machines

The Challenge
Construction and building a wooden, coin operated vending machine for little chocolate bars

The apparatus is to work just mechanically and hand operated with an input of a 20ct-coin for an output of one little chocolate bar. The ALDI Moser-Roth chocolate package (found in germany) contains 50 pieces 5x35x35mm each)which are cheap and simply stackable (see the picture in the german version). The coin-acceptor unit is to make possible the chocolate output with one 20ct-coin. Other coins with less diameter have to fall into the return area. Here you can see a list of the EURO-coin measurements.

You have to develop 8 parts of your vending machine:

– the wooden box (I advise to use acryl glas for the front to watch the mechanism and the stacklevel. The dimension depends on the maximum stacklevel. I advise 25 bars = 13,5cm stacklevel. Maybe you need only the volume of a shoebox.
– coin input (make a slot not much longer than the diameter of the 20ct-coin)
– coin-acceptor unit (leads smaller coins to the return area, greater coins cannot pass the slot)
– coin return (area for getting the rejected coins)
– cash box (removable money case)
– magazine of goods (place for the stack of bars)
– unlocking the goods (making available the undermost bar of the stack)
– output of goods (area for removing of goods)

Commendation document and a main price
All the participants who demonstrate the functional efficiency with photos and a short video are getting a commendation document and the possibility
of publishing there inventions on this blog. The best one gets the main price – a valuable book with content related to our blog (The criteria:
fully functional efficiency, smart invention, good craft and design)
All rights on the inventions remains at the participants.

Please send your documentation per e-mail until 31.Jan.2010 to me, Falk Keuten, „mechanikus“, effka@t-online.de (no model, but photos, a short uncutted video with 2 working situations – the accepted coin and a rejected coin, optionally a drawing with explanation text).
The Price announcement is on 6.Febr.2010.

Happy tinkering !!

13 Gedanken zu „KugelbahnBlog starts TINKERING COMPETITION for chocolate vending machines“

  1. Falk,

    For those of us outside of Europe, could you provide some details on the 20ct coin defined in the machine specification? I’m not sure if I will be able to put my hands on one!

    Thank you,


    1. Hi Dug, here is a list with the measurements of EU-coins.
      I have to add it on the main entry.
      I try to reach the Moser-Roth Companý in Berlin, maybe they
      are able to sponsor some participants of the outside countries with a free packet of this chocolate.
      And to the coins: take a US-coin of your choice. The apparatus should work in Your homeland.

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