London: Marvellous Mechanica

Anläßlich der London Craft Week 2016 veranstaltet das  englische Magazin  hole & corner (celebrating craft, beauty, passion and skill) ein Workshop mit den Künstlern Martin Smith, Nik Ramage und Jim Bond vom 3.-7.Mai.  hole & corner schreibt dazu unter anderem:

„Join us at London Craft Week as Hole & Corner hosts an imaginative makers’ space worthy of Heath Robinson in the chapel at dynamic not-for-profit members club The House of St Barnabas in Soho.

Over the course of the week, artists Martin Smith, Nik Ramage and Jim Bond will build a site-specific kinetic installation with a group of emerging Art, Design and Architecture designer-makers from Plymouth University. Visitors over the week can drop in to watch, talk and help build with the teams. Alongside the making, we’ll have a selection of classic automata from Cabaret Mechanical Theatre’s brilliant collection“


(Martin Smith: Applause Machine)



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