Paul Spooner: Little Reinhold’s Wonderful Sausage Machine

Es handelt sich hier um einen kürzlichen Nachbau eines älteren Modells aus der Ausstellung „A Day at the Butcher’s“ von 2004 in London (siehe auch den damaligen Katalog ),die noch früher inspiriert wurde durch Fleischerladenmodelle des Bethnal Green Toy Museums in London.

In der FB-Fotoseite vom CMT heißt es dazu:
„In late 2002 Paul Spooner suddenly started making mechanical butcher’s shops, thinking they could express everything he had to say about everything. This exhibition showed the results.“

Bei Klick wird dieses Video von YouTube geladen und Daten gesendet. Details siehe (Datenschutzerklärung).

Paul Spooner schrieb dazu im oben erwähnten Ausstellungskatalog:

“All these butcher’s shops deal with the proposition that there must be more to life than eating or being eaten. We all know that reality is infinitesimally graded between completely nice and completely nasty, but for the sake of art, this piece is strictly partitioned horizontally with a horrid basement and a lovely upper realm. I was thinking while made it of the works of H.H.Hoffmann, the author of the Struwwelpeter stories, in which justice is
mercilessly done to children who behave badly: play with matches and get burned so a cinder, suck your thumbs and have them chopped off. Hoffmann also gave us the story of
Little Reinhold, a most syrupy tale about a poverty stricken woman falling asleep on Christmas Eve at the bedside of her dying child. I was given the book for my third birthday
and thought it embarrassingly wet. The scene at the top of this machine shows poor Reinhold, watched by his adoring parents riding the Kind Uncle Carousel. Their hearts are
bursting with love.”

(Thanks for the proceeded infos to Sarah Alexander, CMT)

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