Ellen Rixford’s Superbook "Figures in the Fourth Dimension, Mechanical Movement for Puppets and Automata" is ready!


The time has come! In a few weeks, (by end of July) this outstanding book by Ellen Rixford (New York) will be published and ready. Currently, it is at the printing plant in South Korea, then it will be on its way to the warehouse and fulfillment facility in New Jersey.
Figures in the Fourth Dimension is a serious book. Containing the work of over 30 noted artists and contributions from 3 major museums, it weighs in at 512 pages, all in color. Over 1500 beautiful photos, and clear detailed technical drawings make this book the most informative book on mechanical movement I have ever seen, as Rixford has kindly given me a „sneak peek“ at many of the chapters beforehand. Rixford’s intention….the reason she wrote the book…was to make mechanisms, from simple to complex, understandable. It also offers much information on puppet and automaton head and body construction, as well as information about tools and materials. The book is an excellent source for both beginners and practiced craftspeople, for sculptors, doll makers, puppeteers and automaton builders, technology teachers and for everyone else interested in this fascinating subject. So the book is an art book and a technical book both….a reference work.

Figures-In-the-Fourth-Dimension, 6-3-sample4pdf  copy

Rixford has put together a 54 pages sample pdf with an overwhelming amount of material from the book. All are welcome to download it, and pass it on to friends and colleagues. The pdf has the front and back covers, table of contents, (listing in detail everything in the book) and sample pages from many of the book’s sections. There is also a website:
http://figuresinthefourthdimension.com/, with more images and information. The website has a few missing pages as yet but will soon be finished. One page in the website will be an ebibliography, offering links to the work of artists, many websites for artists‘ studios, museums, and videos of performances of all kinds.


Author Ellen Rixford

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